Thursday, 27 October 2011

Prophetic Insight

The blessed life and the prophetic
Life as God intended

For the past eight months I have done a series that has changed my life. In teaching this seires I have discovered some life transforming principles that I would like to share with you today. Well obviously I cannot share everything on this one blog but I will share one principle.

How can I make the prophetic work for me and get the desired results. This is not an exergesis on the prophetic but I will put some things in their most basic form. God created man because He had a plan for man and from Jeremiah we learn that the plan is for good and not for evil to bring us to an expected end. We do not always know what He has in His head or heart for us so we need a means of accessing that information so that we can enjoy the benefits of it. 1st Corinthians 2 vs. 10 talks about the plans of God that are deep but the Spirit of God knows them and reveals them to us. Psalm 92 vs. 5 also tells us God’s thoughts a very deep and fools do not understand. If there are thoughts in Gods mind about me I want to know them. How do we access these deep thought well Joel 2 and Acts 2 tell us that when we are full of the Holy Spirit we begin to prophesy and see visions.

If you go back and study these two verses you will learn that he is telling us that when we are filled with the Holy Spirit we will have divinely granted appearances and divinely granted utterances. This is where it gets excited what will God get you to see and speak but that which He has been thinking about and desiring to do in our lives.

Prophecy is a speaking forth of the mind will and intent of God. 1 Corinthians 14 vs. 3
Te prophetic helps us discover what is on Gods mind

Soul meets Samuel “1 Samuel chapter 9-10” Samuel says I will tell you what’s on your heart. Wow so the prophetic fished out a man destined to rule and helps him fulfill his destiny. In modern times the prophetic is not supposed to totally surprise it comes as a confirmation or support of what God has already hinted to you. You have to dream and see things that God has prepared for you and for mankind.

It is the dreamers that change the world; there is little difference between the prophetic people the dreamers and the entrepreneurs. They all see something that did not exist before and they work at making it happen

Something happens to them when the Spirit of the Lord comes upon them. These people make things happen, they move others to see and change the environment they live in

Question; I am often asked what should I do when a prophetic word is spoken over my life? Should I just sit and pray? Should I try and make it happen? Well here are a few tips to help you answer this question.

Do take note that there are some prophetic Words that are conditional and others are not. The conditional ones are those that God gives you to prepare you for what He wants to do in your life but you have a choice to get a ticket to Nineveh or to Tarshish. Many believers wait for God to buy the tickets for them. But with some of the things that God wants to do in your life He expects you to begin to walk by faith and do what you can do He will do what only He can do.

When I received a prophetic word that I was going to preach, minister and touch nations I did not sit back and wait for God to get me a passport and give me notes to preach. I began to study read, pray prepare. I went to the streets and began to practice. By the time I was to step into full time ministry I was in the flow of the call.

Step to take

1. Prayerfully think through the prophecy if it bares witness with your spirit then pursue it by doing the following.

2. Write it down in a journal that you value (for reference)

3. Have (Mentors) others that stand with you in on the Word so they can pray and stand with you

4. If possible begin to research in the direction of the Word spoken

5. Put together a concept document or strategy document that has as much detail as you can put in.

6. Continue to build it by writing more thoughts and ideas and words that line up with what you are pursuing

7. Take little steps towards its fulfillment (sometimes there is little you can do just do it anyway) Do a CV, enroll at Bible school, join a club or do your hair. These things seem small but they can make a world of difference.

8. Continue to pray about it and to meditate on scriptures that validate and authenticate what God has spoken into your life

9. Walk close to your mentor or spiritual covering

10. Finally "Just do it"

Hope this will help you. Often the frustration comes because you are a few steps behind. Walk in step with God and there will be a peace in your heart. The best place to be is where God said you should be even if it looks messy.

I often teach people that when you are out of step with an instruction you find yourself in Gilgal. Gilgal in the Bible meant a place of rolling, going round and round and making no progress. The best way out is to find an instruction and obey it.

Ezekiel 12 vs. 21-28
A proverb had developed that God is slow in fulfilling the prophetic words spoken and God was changing it. They did not realize that it was mercy that slowed the hand of God and not weakness.

Paul said to Timothy fight a good fight based on the prophecies that you have received. It is important to write what God has spoken into your life in a way that you can refer back to later on. The storms of life can come and so knock the wind out of you; you will feel like giving up but that’s when you need to do what Paul encouraged Timothy to do. Wage a good warfare based on what was spoken. The prophetic can encourage you and help you to go on when you feel like giving up in life

Bibles examples
Cyrus worked on a prophetic word that was spoken years before he came into power and became Gods anointed vessel.

Josiah walked in a prophecy that was nearly 200 years old. When they were cleansing the temple and found the books and read them to Josiah as soon as he heard his name mentioned in the word he tore his clothes fasted enquired of the Lord and took action ad God was with him.

Well I hope that was helpful. You can study further on this and put scriptures to help you build your faith more. Or you can buy the CD. Finally something that will help you is Make every prophetic word a daily confessional speak it into your life daily and you will see things begin to line up.

Thank you so much for visiting the Blog be blessed as you study the devotions.